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Poor Meals at Makerere University  


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22/10/2016 12:31 pm  

So whats this issue of strikes about poor meals at campus? I call this a result of being idle. Bare me witness, things to do with meals at campus are always tough. People in halls are even lucky, u have something to eat, your friends in hostel are yawning, fainting and some bedridden due to hunger. I advise Students bare with the situation at hand, read your books. u didn't come to campus to eat!!! If u cant bare with the fake meals, easy drop out. U didn't come with a maid to cook for u n don't think the money u pay for meals is enough to earn u a meal from Protea Hotel. Campus is hard, u will include that in your graduation speech.
Scarcity and the quality of food at campus is the reason we have campus figures, so I don't want to hear any food strikes anymore.

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01/04/2017 12:12 pm  

In 2014, Makerere University stopped providing meals to government sponsored students in halls of residence, and outsourced catering services to private firms. The institution wanted to focus on its core functions of teaching and research. Under the new system, students from different halls of residence were grouped to share service points. For instance residents of Mary Stuart, Complex and Lumumba halls have their meals at Mary Stuart hall; Livingstone shares a serving point with Africa Hall, unlike in the past, where students had meals at their respective halls of residence.

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09/06/2017 6:03 pm  

The authority of the Makerere university should provide all the facilities for the residential students.


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